Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Out-of-State Group Seeks to Defeat McConnell

Everyone seems to hate Jesse Benton's client. Mitch must be wondering if he picked the right campaign manager.

The Lexington Star-Telegram reports:
[...] an out-of-state Super PAC expressed interest in helping "the right candidate" defeat McConnell. Last year, Liberty For All spent almost $700,000 to help elect Republican Thomas Massie to Northern Kentucky's 4th Congressional District seat.

Preston Bates, executive director of Liberty For All, said in an email Tuesday that McConnell is "anything but a tea partier" and is "that special politician who could unite libertarians, independents, anti-war Democrats, everyone" against him.

"Should the right candidate emerge ¡ª be they Republican, Democrat, or Independent ¡ª Liberty For All will remain committed to electing those dedicated to more civil liberties, more economic freedom, and freeing America from corporate influence," Bates said.

Liberty for All is primarily funded by John Ramsey, a college student from Nacogdoches, Texas, who is armed with an inherited fortune.


  1. This is exactly what McConnell is terrified of happening, and I hope someone does beat him in the primary. The latest rumor is that McConnell is going to make a deal with Reid to end the filibuster option, meaning the senate will need just 50 votes for sweeping new gun laws instead of 60. That is a huge, huge difference.

    McConnell cannot claim to be pro gun if he goes along with this compromise. Why he would even go along with it for any potential benefit to him is beyond me.

  2. At this point does it even matter who challenges him?

    He is rotten enough by himself as it is; with Jesse Benton, getting McConnell the hell out of there becomes an imperative.

    Let these Tea Partiers challenge him (actually some people i would support even if at later times they prove not to be all that great either). Better a new dummy than an entrenched career-statist.
    Put Ashley Judd in there too, so there is no way in hell McConnell survives.
    And let's see who will take Benton after that.