Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rand Paul to Outline ‘Constitutional Conservative’Foreign Policy

Looks like Rand will be in trouble with the true limited government crowd on this one, since it appears he will call for a "strong presidency." The entire idea of the Constitution was to have checks and balances, so that a "strong presidency" wouldn't arise.

Daily Caller reports:

Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul will deliver a wide-ranging foreign policy address at the Heritage Foundation next Wednesday, marking the tea party lawmaker’s latest foray into international affairs. 
“At this lecture, Senator Rand Paul will discuss his vision of a foreign policy that respects the plain language of our Constitution, the legal powers of Congress and the important role of a strong presidency,” the invitation says. “It will stress the need for maintaining the strongest national defense among nations while also questioning what constitutes actual ‘defense.’”


  1. And why does it need the "strongest national defense among nations"?

    Doesn't sound like serious budget cutting to me. Sounds to me just like he knows America will continue to be a target, which would not be the case with a peaceful foreign policy.

    1. We spend $1.2 Trillion/yr (including wars). China spends $200 Billion.

      If we spend $400 Billion, thats serious budget cutting and Rand is in that range.

  2. Before I make judgment, I'll wait for his speech.

  3. The invitation has been changed from "strong presidency" to "the proper duties of the Commander-in-Chief."

    Also: "Senator Paul will map out a foreign policy vision in which America can better avoid never-ending conflict and protracted commitments."

    From: http://www.heritage.org/events/2013/02/rand-paul

    That's a little better, but . . . we'll see.