Friday, January 18, 2013

Rothbard, Mises and Hayek Mentioned on FOX

Whole Foods co-CEO John Mackey was interviewed by Greta van Sunsetren. The clip is 18 minutes long but a great discussion about capitalism and well worth the time. View it here.

(ht Scott Angello and John Duncan)


  1. "It's not about maximizing profit"
    "I'm a conscious capitalist"

    Libertarians, the right-wing hippies.

    1. I used to think the word "hippie" was an insult by default.

      Of course, i was basically a warmongering neocon back then.

  2. Interesting... if you look at the transcript of the interview on the FoxNews website, they omit Rothbard's name.

  3. What a chicken shit, he had a perfect opportunity to smash that busy body and her ridiculous questions regarding so many things and he pussyfooted away. Politically correct? He not only defended Warren (bilk the tax payers thru the government Buffet) he practically endorsed her arrogant assumption that Government has any legitimate roll to play in health care. I like the guy but damn, grow a pair will ya

    1. While I agree on one hand, don't forget he's a man of great responsibility and thus is not "free" to completely speak for himself and himself alone. A lot of statists of all stripes shop at Whole Foods (perhaps more of the "left" variant, but that' just a guess) and this means if he speaks too frankly, he risks alienating customers and thus negatively impacting the organization he's responsible for. No doubt he pussy-footed about in an absolute sense, but he still said more than just about any other person with that large of a public profile and I wonder which of us would have done differently in his position. When I speak on my behalf, I don't hold anything back, regardless of how offensive the truth may be (I work hard to make sure it's the truth alone, and not me personally that's offensive). But when I'm speaking as an employee, or as a member of a team, as I have done, you have to take those issues of representation seriously.

    2. "don't forget he's a man of great responsibility and thus is not "free" to completely speak for himself and himself alone."

      Brian, your comment is so "true" you have no idea. I, as a business owner, can not share my true opinions with most of my clients and have to bite my tongue routinely for the sake of my employees(and family).

      Some might call me a coward, but the people I employ, their families and mine can't eat/live off my principles. I do what I can, when I can and deliver the message of liberty when I know it can be received without hurting the many that depend on me.

    3. I appreciate Brian Drake's comment as well as Anon @9:54 PM.

      Notice that Mackey went as far to condemn this system as "fascist," but retracted it when Greta van Smelly called him out in its relation to Obama. It is true, the political retaliation could be severe. I know what George Bush did to rival statist, Elliot Spitzer. And he let Spitzer live.

      That said, we do need to expose truth and condemn evil wherever we can. Life will not be worth it under increasing tyranny.

      Ron Paul had a fundraiser with Peter Schiff in New York City (April 2011). I met a pharmacist supporter whose fiance became alarmed when he told her about his new libertarian views on government. I jokingly asked him if he told her, "Look, I'm still me."

      It is so difficult to get our family members and friends on board. They are purely brainwashed and tied into the system, as most of us are to some degree. I say this as someone who is at least as radical as Rothbard (I'm not as smart as Rothbard).

      My own aunt, a nurse, recently asked me if I got the flu shot. She gets the flu shot every year, and I know she would think I'm a nut case if I told her my genuine views on over-vaccination. I told her, Oh yeah, I should get the shot. I have no intention of getting it.

      Her family already knows I buy gold and I briefly encouraged them to buy some. They've been selling some of their jewelry over the past few years, which I think is a huge mistake.

      My failures to convert my family may make me cowardly. Other people can judge us how they like. But this isn't easy-- to say the least. We need social cooperation unless we want to live like Jeremiah Johnson. Sometimes I get really down, and think that for me, that's the answer. Lol.

      In my mind, I'm a traditional Catholic and a libertarian. I can no longer be any other way. These are two strikes against me with countless modern people. If I ever have children, I would like to raise them with these beliefs, and educate them in Austrian economics when they're old enough.

      This doesn't bode well in today's world when you would like a wife and family. I believe that today's women especially (women are truly the heart of a family), are very much bought off with novelty and superficiality, which the state serves in abundance.

      I rarely hear women condemn kill lists, drone strikes or TSA molestation. They seem more likely supporters of gun control. Some women join the military where they have a higher probability of getting raped. What progress.

      Lew was right, as usual, when he said (on Infowars) that the state is holding back civilization. The state is truly institutionalizing the worst of human behavior. I hate our school system more than anything.

  4. where at in the video?

  5. Greta Van Susteren sure has a face for radio.

  6. Also, "I admire Warren Buffett." (He says this twice.)