Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Royal Canadian Mint Now Rationing 2013 Silver Maple Leaf Coins

Amidst a surge in demand, the Royal Canadian Mint has started rationing 2013 Silver Maple Leaf bullion coins at the primary distributor level, reports Coin Update.

This follows the news earlier this month that the United States Mint had temporarily sold out of their 2013-dated silver bullion coins after receiving orders for more than 6 million coins. The silver rush is on.

Coin Update reports, less information is known about the silver bullion coin situation in Canada, as the RCM does not publicly report sales levels outside of their required financial filings. A representative for the Mint did confirm that coins are currently being "allocated."

When I met with Ron Paul in 2011, he told me that he suspected silver would climb faster than gold, since the high price of gold would result in many not being able to afford gold and turning to silver.


  1. What does Abby say? lol

  2. "the high price of gold would result in many not being able to afford gold and turning to silver"

    Certainly true for me. Who has an extra $1,700 a month lying around to drop on an ounce of the yellow stuff?

  3. Because of high price of gold peoples moves to invest in the silver. because it has less price and everyone can easily afford it.
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  4. Yes, of course the price of gold is increasing like it will touch the SKY now!! And obviously people will go for silver as an option.

  5. I think that Albert is absolutely right. Now a day’s price of gold is extensively high, in this reason many people belongs at middle class cannot afford gold. Therefore they go with silver. They used to buy silver coins. You will find this type of coins more from West Mount Mini Mart which is situated at Edmonton area of Canada.