Sunday, January 20, 2013

Top Wall Street Strategist: Read Murray Rothbard

Mamta Badkar at Business Insider writes:
Back in November, top Wall Street strategist Dylan Grice announced that he was leaving his post at Societe Generale.

As Grice prepares to move to his new venture, he put together a series of his reports that were important to him in his "intellectual journey".

Among the essays were book recommendations he made from 2009 through 2012. Book lists, according to Grice, became a SocGen tradition during former co-head of global strategy James Montier's time at SocGen.

We put together all 22 recommendations which include financial books that changed the way Grice views the world and some of his recent recommended beach and rainy day reading.
Check out book number 5. This is really fascinating when you consider the first four books on the list are long-time Wall Street classics.

(ht John Boehner's friend)

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  1. "Grice says Rothbard was too marginalized and deserved more attention."


    In 100 years, historians will be reading Rothbard while using Krugman's books for compost.