Friday, January 25, 2013

VIDEO Biden and Miss D.C: "I Kneel Before the Queen"

Writes a D.C. friend, congressional aide and EPJ fan, with the best real life James Bond name in the world, Perianne Boring: 

Miss District of Columbia, Elizabeth Hillware, is a good friend of mine.


  1. Uncle Joe is just practicing his election pitch, touching an stranger just this side of inappropriateness combined over the top flattery that the recipient is taken aback and embarrassed on receiving to shoo away like a dog sticking its snout up a lady's skirt.

  2. Now instead of plagiarizing Neil Kinnock, he channels Jimmy Savile.

  3. He is such a creep. She also shows how programmed American's are from their public school education where she thanks a public servant, who is suppose to be a servant of the people, for her being allowed to be in their presence. And then she follows it up by thanking him for his service to the country. The brain washing is complete. The younger generation is completely brainwashed into serving the needs of the government elite and oligarchy. Sad and sick.