Monday, February 11, 2013

A Must-See Movie Coming This June: "The Neocons Will Throw a Fit"

Thomas DiLorenzo writes:
Ron Maxwell of "Gettysburg" fame has a new movie coming out entitled "Copperhead: The War at Home."  A friend who has seen an advance screening says "it is terrific."
"Copperhead" is the libelous term the Lincoln regime assigned to its Northern state critics who were also known as "Peace Democrats" or "Jeffersonians."   ( See Frank Klement's book, Lincoln's Critics: The Cooperheads of the North).  Our friend Bill Kauffman is the film's screenwriter.
Here's more info on the movie.
The neocons will throw a fit and behave like knaves, jerks, and pompous asses, as usual, whereas their compatriots in the left-wing media will make a few smarmy remarks about the film and then ignore it.


  1. Bill Kauffman = hero

  2. "The Neocons Will Throw a Fit"

    I wonder what the liberals will say?