Monday, February 25, 2013

Goldcorp CEO: 'Long Term Outlook For Gold Is Strong'


  1. There's a shocker. A CEO of a company which stands to gain massively from a rise in gold prices is predicting, wait for it, a rise in gold prices.

    Mr. Schiff who peddles gold to anybody gullible enough to be susceptible to his misinformation and cherry picking is predicting a rise in gold. Another shocker.

    Mr. Sinclair, who owns a gold mine, is predicting a rise of gold. I am shocked.

    Nothing wrong with any of these talking up their business interests. But I am amused by the seemingly blind following they get from this page and others like it. A similar story told by bankers, or alternative energy companies would face howls of derision.

    All of this while gold falls like a rock (pun intended). Gold at $3,500? Not so much.

    1. People putting their money, businesses and reputations where their mouths are. Gold at 3500 and beyond.

    2. maybe because peter schiff predicted the housing crisis and has a huge amount of credibility? he recommended to buy gold when everyone was recommending to buy merill lynch and goldman sachs. get your facts straight.