Friday, February 8, 2013

Nigel Farage Slams War Making French President François Hollande


  1. Very good piece. Congratulations to Nigel.
    Does anyone have the transcript of this video?

  2. He is getting better and better.

  3. He is getting better!

  4. Farage sounds so good to untrained American ears. And indeed there is much entertainment in his delightful speeches. But scratch a bit on his skin and you will see an extreme right wing Zionist of the Geert Wilders variety. No thank you, this is about the furthest from where we should be intellectually as possible. Enjoy his rants, but do not be so stupid to believe that he offers any sort of real alternative. He is at the end of the day, a useful idiot.

    1. I respectfully disagree with you.

      His policies are not 'extreme', 'right wing' or 'zionist'. If anything Farage represents the real centre-ground of British politics. There has been a concerted effort from all mainstream political parties in the UK to shift to the left. Even the Conservatives preach social-spending - it's bonkers.

      Immigration, whether it's politically correct (and I'm sure you may find this disagreeable) has completely and utterly destroyed many communities in the UK, and has created hundreds of ghettos in many of our cities. Not only that, the enormous influx of migrants (250,000 per year - roughly the population of the City of Plymouth) has been causing enormous damage to our public services. We're now debating destroying more of our prized country side (we have the least green space in Europe as we're the most population space in Europe) to build tens of thousands of new houses to accommodate them, which, of course, is being paid for via taxes by the average British citizen.

      It's something which is ultimately draining Britain of her wealth and identity. Years ago Britain prided freedom of speech, and many here called the UK a 'free' country.

      I could go on at length about these issues. And I'm sure you'll invite me too.

    2. There is virtually nothing right wing about Geert Wilders. He is actually a semi-welfare statist, sitting comfortably in the middle of the authoritarian statist spectrum.

      So right there your entire post is discredited.

    3. Furthermore, you have made no attempt whatsoever to explain why we should be as far removed from Farage as possible "intellectually", other than a bunch of ad hominem.

      He is certainly not an outright libertarian. But he is a hell of a lot closer than 99% of the rest of politicians in Europe, and i would dare to say even America.

      So if you want to convince us, you better come up with facts rather than warnings full of hot air.

    4. Sadly, while Nigel tugs at our heartstrings, be assured, he is in fact just a useful idiot.

      Please understand (and it breaks my heart to say this), anyone who has had any dealings with big government knows that nothing happens "by accident". Everything is planned. If you think you can change anything by conventional means, you are engaged in the exact mental masturbation they intend.

      TPTB know that the most efficient way to control the opposition, is to lead the opposition. The truth is, if Nigel were "real", he would already be dead. We would be reading in the tabloids that he shot himself three times in the back of the head in the bathtub, or thrown himself off a balcony, or had some strange accident in his car.

      But he is still up there calling all the assholes, assholes, because that is what he is paid to do. If you don't believe this watch the real controllers snigger as he brings them to task. Their obvious and undisguised guffaws are due to the fact that he is their "man" and is a toothless tiger strutting in a three ring circus they own.

      Until you "get" that this is the equivalent of the Roman circus at the coliseum, complete with human sacrifice, bread for the masses, and fiddling while Rome burns, you are part of the problem, not the part of the solution...

      Peace brothers

    5. So in other words, you have nothing but warnings full of hot air.

      As you notice, i seem to be tired of the easy dismissal of people simply by using phrases like "controlled opposition", "secret agent" and the like. This is used even on people who say virtually everything right, just because they happen to disagree ideologically or tactically on one thing (for instance, not openly claiming 9/11 was an "inside job")

      Furthermore, you have already proven your arguments to be either severely flawed or otherwise unreliable by claiming Geert Wilders is "extreme right wing", when i would hardly even call him moderately right wing. He is to the left of the Dutch VVD party, and they're socialists compared to Milton Friedman.

      Quite frankly, me thinks you are just making stuff up as go along without really thinking deeply about whether it even really makes sense.

      Bear in mind, it's not that i'm not open to the truth about people as i worship nobody. But you better come up with something substantive.

  5. Rant? The guy knows how to speak in public. Fluently. A lost art. I would listen to that alone for the mere pleasure. Zionism, no, but in this day and age between Orwellian State of the Union addresses and the fawning sycophantic bootlick echo MSM chamber, you take what you can get.

    1. Godfrey Bloom and William Dartmouth are also very engaging as speakers.