Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ohio Governor Wants to Tax Funerals

Under Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s proposed sales-tax expansion plan, Ohioans may soon be paying sales tax on funerals, reports The Daily Caller.

“Essentially, the tax would be assessed on all but about 40 of types of economic activity,” the Columbus Dispatch reported.

It's a broad based sale tax which would include taxing music downloads, but "personal instruction" in golf is one of the 40 items that would be exempted from the tax, says DC.

When all is said and done the tax expansion would also be combined with cuts in income taxes to make a confusing melting pot that is ultimately going to result in increased revenue for the state, though the governor at this point claims it won't.

Instead of governors playing these switcheroo games, I'll be impressed with the governor that simply cuts taxes, without increasing any other. Otherwise a governor should be considered to be highly suspect of just playing a shell game.


  1. Solution: Die penniless in front of Governor's mansion - let him clean up the mess...

  2. But if one is transitioning from income based to consumption based, isn't this acceptable?

  3. The stench of Statism is not covered by the perfume of "conservatism" long.