Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rahmaland Murders Far Higher Now Than During Al Capone Days

The report below does not adjust data for the increase in population, but the number of murders in Rahmaland at the start of 2013 is still horrifying.

It's good to see that the reporter in the clip, Chuck Goudie, points out that most of the murders during the Al Capone days and in current day Chicago are the result of government prohibitions. In Capone's day, it was alcohol prohibition, today it is drug prohibition. My five step plan would solve a lot of the current Chicago violence.


  1. Population adjustment wouldn't work in favor of today's murder stats here. Chicago's population in 1930, the year after the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, was almost 700,000 higher than its 2010 population.

    1. once mass third world immigration transforms america into a large chicago, all guns will be taken away.

      and that will be the end of white people, all constitutional freedoms, and there wont be enough libertarians to fill a starbucks outlet.