Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rand Paul: I Will Make a Decision in 2014 about a Presidential Run

This morning, Rand Paul appeared on “Fox News Sunday.”

The show's host, Chris Wallace, questioned Rand about a possible presidential run. RP replied: “I would absolutely not run unless it were to win. Points have been made, and we’ll continue to make points.”

Pressed by Wallace to answer yes or no, Paul responded with a long pause before saying: “We won’t make a decision until 2014.”


  1. He knows he won't get the nomination, but I think he's playing the long game with 2020 and beyond in mind.

    Either way he'll throw his name in the ring and snuggle up to the right people.

  2. “WE won’t make a decision until 2014.”

    He's multiple personality now?

    1. No, he is just admitting what we already know. Politicians are just the public face for various interests and handlers.

  3. No wait, Rand Paul should run to lose and let Mitt Romney and McCain win like Ron Paul did. Thanks to Ron Paul, we have been stuck with Obama, Romney and McCain for the past 8 years.

  4. You're stuck with Obama Romney and McCain because people refused to vote for Ron Paul because he was principled.

    Why should Ron Paul compromise on truth and freedom just so good-for-nothing neocon supporters are willing to vote for him.

    It's not Ron Paul's vote; blame your stupid fellow American warmongers.

    If Rand Paul wins, it is because people like you have no principles and standards. The liberty movement can miss you like a root canal treatment.


    Rand Paul claims not to be libertarian. Apologists claim he never wanted to be perceived as one, so we should stop holding him to such standards.

    And yet, here is Rand Paul again using the word "libertarian" to sell himself.

    Let's just drop the B.S. Rand Paul will say anything to maximize his voter potential whether it is true or not.
    Either way, he has affiliated himself with libertarians plenty of times and has now done so AGAIN.

    And so exposing him proves once again to be important for the case of libertarianism.

    Libertarianism does NOT regard Israel to be the 51st state. Libertarianism would NOT agree with sanction on Iran. Libertarianism does NOT think privatizing the TSA is an improvement. Libertarianism would NOT endorse Mitt Romney. Libertarianisn would NOT call non-interventionism "isolationism".
    And so on...

  6. Don't bother Rand, we've already decided...