Thursday, February 14, 2013

Roger Stone Book Coming: "Who Killed Kennedy?"

The Republican dirty trickster, who has a tattoo of Richard Nixon on his back, says LBJ did it.

Stone knows a lot of secrets. This book should add important pieces to the puzzle.

Looks like there will be some focus on the Warren commission cover-up.


  1. Robert, Roger Stone has threatened to run for Florida governor. As you properly noted, a book from someone who was inside the Nixon administration and knows where the bodies are buried could be a sensational hit. Do you see any synergy here with the gubernatorial race? I certainly do. Over the years Stone has embraced the same core economic priciples often espoused on your site. Florida has been a fiscal disaster under under unpopular Rick Scott and his predecessor Charlie Crist. I'm glad Stone might throw his hat in the ring. We could use some "Libertarian common sense" in Florida.

  2. Stone was certainly connected. He was a dirty trickster for the Nixon campaign and later was the president of Arlen "magic bullet theory" Specter's 1996 presidential campaign.