Thursday, February 7, 2013

The CBO Just Doubled Its Estimate of the Number of People who will Lose JobBased Health Insurance Because of Obamacare

The nudge is in. Government regulations will push more and more people to get their health-insurance via so-called government created "insurance exchanges" and some will become newly eligible for Medicaid.

Seven million people will lose their job-based health insurance, according to a new economic report from the Congressional Budget Office. That’s nearly double the previous estimate of 4 million.

According to NBC, the "fiscal cliff" deal cut by Congress "takes away some of the tax breaks that employers get for providing health insurance to workers and their families. The change will lead to a greater reduction in such coverage and higher enrollment in insurance exchanges than previously estimated by CBO.”

Bottom line: This will mean poorer quality, more centrally planned healthcare. Not that, job-related health insurance is the answer, either. That developed as a result of wage controls the government instituted during World War 2.  Providing health insurance was away around the controls.

In a truly free market society, health insurance would just be offered on the market, with no ties to government or a job.


  1. Obama-Pelosi-ReidCare corporatism is really just a process to accelerate the century-long change from mostly free market medical care to totally State-controlled medicine that these communist crackpots dream of. That is their real goal. They want complete State and police control over the lives of all the people. They are psychopathic control freaks and Obama-Pelosi-Reidcare is their way to achieve their Total-State wet dreams.

  2. "In a truly free market society, health insurance would just be offered on the market, with no ties to ... a job."

    Bob, you don't know that. In the absence of a market no one can say what a market arrangement will produce. There might be economies of scale that large firms use to buy health insurance or health care for their employees at a lower price than individual employees get. There might be other factors at work that are suppressed in the current arrangement. You just can't say that in a free market two things will not be connected in some way.