Monday, March 25, 2013

Bernanke's Manipulation

WSJ has created the chart below, which shows the magic manipulation work of helicopter Ben.

But just how does he land that thing, when the price inflation comes?


  1. They land the helicopter by debasing everything we consume!

    You know the old saying, "they don't make it like they use to," right? Industrialization, product innovations and manufacturing efficiency can only do so much for so long. After a while everything must be compromised. Maybe it is why food producers want wider latitude with the FDA like this:

    At this rate, eventually we will be drinking flavored white paint and soylent green.

    Bon appetite my fellow slaves!

  2. Bob, it irks me that you and some other Austrians berate government statistics all the time, yet use them when it aids your argument. I think this is a big problem in current Austrian writings. It casts serious doubt over the arguments raised by yourself and many others. Of course the government statistics are saying housing is getting better. That's what they want people to perceive. Please stop citing propaganda such as this.