Friday, March 8, 2013

Did I Miss Something?

Did Mitch McConnell block CIA nominee John Brennan's conformation? Did he even try? Or was the below more unclear thinking, in the shadow of Rand's filibuster, as to how evil and conniving government is?

Business Insider writes (my bold)
"This was a very big deal. In 36 hours, the Republican Party has completely changed," said Brian Doherty, a senior editor at Reason magazine who has been covering the Paul movement for two decades.

"You literally saw the shift happen over the course of the day," Doherty said. "It started with Rand Paul, and then it was just [Sens.] Mike Lee and Ted Cruz. And then you had people like Marco Rubio and Saxby Chambliss joining in. And by the end of it, [Republican Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell was on the floor saying he was going to block [CIA Director John] Brennan's confirmation, and [RNC Chairman] Reince Priebus was tweeting that Senators should go join Rand Paul."
Whoops: NYT Headline: Brennan Confirmed to Lead the C.I.A.


  1. Political theater. I enjoy the fillibuster for the theater that it was,and anytime you can get Lysander Spooner quoted on the Senate floor I'm all for it.

    But anyone who thinks this is representing some sort of serious opposition from the Republican Party, well, you might be interested in Bob's fog machines.

    1. same, I thought finally Rand's getting it together but by the next morning exactly nothing had changed.

  2. I think that both McConnell and Paul removed their objections once Holder sent Paul his final letter, I don't think he was approved without McConnell supporting or at least releasing his caucus from whip for the cloture vote.

  3. "By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War."

  4. Did anyone else notice Jesse Benton's pathetic comment quoted in the article?...

    "Leader McConnell let it be known that he was cool with this, and that allowed some of this to take off," said Jesse Benton, a former Paul staffer who is now McConnell's campaign manager.

    He added that McConnell ultimately decided to join Paul on the floor because "he was legitimately emotionally moved by it."

    Yes, Jesse, of course McConnell played a major roll in "allowing some of this to take off." What a d-bag.