Sunday, March 3, 2013

George Carlin on Social Hysteria


  1. Glad to see your a Carlin fan, I've personally seen pretty much everything he ever did, and he seemed pretty close to a libertarian to me. Don't know if you know them, but Bill Hicks & Doug Stanhope are great libertarian comics as well.

  2. Always good to get a fix! Thanks!
    His "freak show" metaphor reminds me of Jerry Brown's "Presidential race = Gong Show for the rich".

  3. I saw Carlin perform live twice; the last time was in Englewood, NJ about 3 weeks before he died in 2008. He was noticeably heavier and sluggish than his younger, animated self. It was still an honor to see him again, and it was chock full of righteous contempt for the state. He is sorely missed.

    Incidentally, I saw Bill Burr perform in 2010 or 11. I was surprised to see young adults in the audience yell "End the Fed" to Bill. He responded "It's all over. Buy a dog."

    I thought, well at least the message is spreading amongst future generations. Perhaps we can begin, after it's all over, without a central bank, a federal government, or a world government.