Friday, March 15, 2013

Lew Headed to China; Will Meet with Crony Americans There

The Treasury Department has announced that Secretary Jacob Lew will visit Beijing, China, from March 19 to March 20, 2013 for meetings with China’s new leadership and senior economic officials to discuss the bilateral relationship and "opportunities for cooperation and growth."
According to the Treasury,  Secretary Lew will also discuss efforts to "level the playing field" and create new opportunities for U.S. workers and businesses. In other words, more messing with trade. If China, for whatever reason, wants to subsidize its exports, it is nothing more than an opportunity for Americans to buy products cheap. What's the problem? And it creates the further opportunity for for U.S. workers and businesses to focus on other sectors. Cheap Chinese goods and an expanding economy at home, sounds like a win to me.
During his visit, Secretary Lew will also spend time with crony U.S. business leaders, where they will clearly be plotting special trade regulations for their respective industries. Lew will depart Beijing for Washington on that Wednesday evening.

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