Monday, March 18, 2013

MUST VIEW: Teacher Turned Congressman Explains the Sequester

The former teacher, Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (D-MI) breaks down the infinitesimally tiny sequester cuts.

(Via Daily Bail)


  1. Ha. That guy is awesome. A democrat speaking out against our potentate? Who would-a thunk? I don't know about his other policies, don't really care to know, but if we have to have "leaders" in Washington we need more who are willing to call foul when these boobs use fear to whip the sheeple into a frenzy over a non-issue.

  2. Ron Paul is the only one with a real plan. It's been a while since I heard his plan on the campaign trail, but I think it goes like this (I've extended it somewhat to reflect where I think Paul would go, given enough time):

    1. Eliminate all foreign aid.
    2. Eliminate all unconstitutional federal cabinets; energy, education, etc.
    3. End all foreign military occupation and close all overseas military bases; keep the troops necessary for domestic protection (I personally would eliminate the Army wholesale; maybe keep the Marines and Special Forces; an armed citizenry could protect an unlikely foreign invasion with expert military help)
    4. Eliminate domestic welfare for non-citizens
    5. Temporarily shore up domestic welfare for dependent citizens; create a plan to phase it out over a 15-20 year period at most: if it can last that long
    6. Issue an executive order repealing all previous executive orders
    7. Remove legal tender monopoly laws allowing competition in money on the market; remove the partnership between banking and state at the federal level
    8. Enforce the law: no more public-private partnerships funded by the federal government; severe all relationships with industry
    9. If possible by presidential action, withdraw membership and funding of the United Nations immediately
    10. Remove IRS funding, and refuse to enforce any IRS laws as they are unconstitutional
    11. If there are laws on the books that limit how often Congress can meet, enforce them
    12. Pressure Congress to remove jurisdiction from the Supreme Court; the court should not be hearing cases that belong only at the state level (Roe vs. Wade is a good example)
    13. Give all overseas prisoners held by the U.S. a speedy and fair jury trial. Move to close Guantanamo and all overseas prisons within 1 year
    14. End sanctions on Iran and any other countries; move to develop good trading relationships with the entire world; apologize for all we have done wrong to hurt and kill the innocent
    15. Eliminate the FBI, and most intelligence agencies; demand that the CIA be used strictly for intelligence gathering; if this fails within a 1 year period, eliminate the CIA
    16. Hire any qualified dissenting military men who have been wrongly imprisoned, as part of the Secret Service. Gonna need protection that can be trusted. Instruct appropriate staff to develop a list of people who should be pardoned. Continue this throughout the term
    17. Emphasize the reduction of presidential power; emphasize the president's duty to enforce the law, not create national programs
    18. Explain the budget dangers of SS and Medicare. These two programs are gonna go bye-bye. Plan accordingly, people
    19. Of whatever federal employees are left under executive control, impose a salary reduction of 15-20 percent. Develop a plan to reduce all federal pensions under executive control. Remove all federally funded medical, dental and vision plans for federal employees under executive control; freeze hiring for all constitutional departments left
    20. Use presidential airtime to talk about the Articles of Confederation. Shouldn't the U.S. reclaim it as its form of government? Tour college campuses to spread this idea among the young
    21. Repeal all managed trade programs
    22. Repeal all programs that violate the Bill of Rights

  3. U.S. Representative Kerry Bentivolio is a Republican.