Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"No Bank Account ANYWHERE In The Eurozone Is Safe"

ht Daily Bail)


  1. Bank accounts are not safe; what about brokerage or mutual fund accounts? Obviously, as Corzone demonstrated, segregated accounts can be co-mingled or pledged illegally and the money is gone (evaporated), however places like Fidelity, Vanguard, American Century, etc do not trade for their own account so they do not borrow to trade, so they have no need to pledge your shares.

    As an aside, if you take delivery of the certificates that you own in a brokerage account, no one can pledge them without possession of your physical certificate. A bank cant get a security interest in your stock if you hold the certificate,

  2. I wonder if the Fed will backstop EU banks? Dumb question. If they have to to save themselves, they will. Which is yet another way the virus can spread from the EU to the USA.

    "A bank cant get a security interest in your stock if you hold the certificate"

    That's good information for long term investors. But so many are day traders or swing traders. How practical is it to get certificates for a stock you'll hold for 1-2 weeks?


  3. Once they take the paper, they will then require the metals.

  4. NYComrade.... this time they'll get lead when they demand metals.