Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pressure Mounts on Krugman to Debate Murphy

Will Keynesian Paul Krugman now refuse to debate Bob Murphy even though, if the debate takes place, $100,000 will go to the Fresh Food Program at

Murphy writes:
…someone emailed me to say that the Krugman Debate pledge total is over $104,000! It may have been due to the heroic efforts of Tom Woods when he was guest-hosting Peter Schiff’s show. (I always picture Tom watching me and thinking, “Bob reminds me a lot of myself, when I was less famous.”) 
So you make your actual pledge here. But, if you want more details, go to this headquarters site (which yes, I need to update). And, if you’ve never watched the below, well you’re in for a surprise.


  1. Thanks for the morning BELLY laugh!

  2. I can see the NY Times headline now: "Rich white male lets NY poor starve to death!"