Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Researchers Find Treatment That Kills Every Kind of Cancer

NyPo reports:

Researchers might have found the Holy Grail in the war against cancer, a miracle drug that has killed every kind of cancer tumor it has come in contact with.

The drug works by blocking a protein called CD47 that is essentially a "do not eat" signal to the body's immune system, according to Science Magazine.

This protein is produced in healthy blood cells but researchers at Stanford University found that cancer cells produced an inordinate amount of the protein thus tricking the immune system into not destroying the harmful cells.

With this observation in mind, the researchers built an antibody that blocked cancer's CD47 so that the body's immune system attacked the dangerous cells.

So far, researchers have used the antibody in mice with human breast, ovary, colon, bladder, brain, liver and prostate tumors transplanted into them. In each of the cases the antibody forced the mice's immune system to kill the cancer cells.

"We showed that even after the tumor has taken hold, the antibody can either cure the tumor or slow its growth and prevent metastasis," said biologist Irving Weissman of the Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, California.

One side effect of the treatment was that healthy cells were subjected to short-term attacks by the mice's immune system, but the effect was nothing in comparison to the damage done to the cancer cells.


  1. While this seems promising, I wouldn't jump with joy. The term "cancer" refers to a large number of different cell proliferation diseases, involving a large number of metabolic pathways. Furthermore, cancer cells have the ability to adapt. I believe any cure for cancer will involve a large number of approaches, attaching a large number of metabolic pathways in a cancerous cellular network.

  2. This will go the way of the 100MPG carburetor. Cronies will buy the patent and hide/destroy it.

    1. Bingo!!! You win. That is exactly what will happen.

    2. Bingo! That is exactly what will happen. They would be wise to patent it and then publish it in the public domain.

  3. "Researchers Find Treatment That Kills Every Kind of Cancer"

    Apparently not, the Fed seems to be doing just fine...

  4. Robert, You really need to expand your reading. There's been a number of "miracle drugs" that have been extremely effective against cancer. One obvious one pointed out by Otto Warburg for which he won a nobel prize; it's called oxygen! There are numerous effective natural treatments, treatments using colour therapy, emf waves from Royal Raymond Rife or similar technologies from George Lakhovsky and Antoine Prioré and finally you have Stanley Burzynski who uses enzymes to treat cancer (and it's only because it is so effective and his patients pleaded in front of congress that he is still able to practice). Wake up! There is no lack of treatment. What you have a regulatory capture and protection of favoured parties by the FDA going back to even before it's inception.