Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Soros Drama: Ex Threw a Glass Lamp at Me

Billionaire oligarch George Soros is countersuing his former mistress Adriana Ferreyr for defamation and assault, and alleging she threw a glass lamp at him during an argument in bed, NyPo is reporting.

Soros’ lawyers last night filed their response to the Ferreyr's $50 million suit in 2011, which claimed he promised her a $2 million apartment at 30 E. 85th St. but instead gave it to her love rival, his now-fiancĂ©e Tamiko Bolton.

Soros’ papers state: “Soros and Ferreyr . . . engaged in a physically intimate relationship over the course of several years. [They] continued to date other people. [At the time of the alleged assault in 2010] Soros was approximately 80 years old, and Ferreyr was approx. 27 years old.”

Soros’ suit claims the fight started “while lying in bed” when “Ferreyr asked Soros about the status of the apartment . . . Soros informed her that another woman with whom he had a relationship was living in Apt. 7C, and that the other woman was very happy living there.”

George and Adriana in happier days.
“Ferreyr became enraged, picked up a nearby lamp that was made partly of glass, and knowingly, intentionally, and wilfully attempted to strike Soros with it,” his suit claims. “The lamp struck Soros’ forearm, then fell to the floor and broke . . . Soros did not hit Ferreyr . . . Ferreyr stood up and cut her foot on one or more of the shards of glass.”

Police were called and, according to the court papers, “Ferreyr made false statements to the police . . . [by claiming] ‘Soros with an open hand smacked her on the right side of face.’ ”


  1. I hope the court was enlightened by the version of the incident.

  2. It appears money can't buy maturity or civility, either.

  3. Guy's got billions, can get his boy elected president, has collapsed governments, has manipulated world markets, has tanked entire currencies, pulls the strings on every leftists-globalist political group in the US...

    STILL can't get a bish to behave.

    Makes me feel a little better about myself.