Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Most Dangerous Thing to Ever Occur at a TSA Checkpoint: TSA Super Drama (F Troop Edition)

NyPo has the details:
A bumbling TSA agent “playing around” with a pepper-spray container at Kennedy Airport fired the caustic liquid at five fellow screeners yesterday, sending all six to the hospital, a source told The Post.

The agent, Chris Yves Dabel, discovered the device at the Terminal 2 security checkpoint and tried to determine if it was real, a source told The Post.

He told Port Authority cops that he “found the canister on the floor and thought it was a laser pointer.”

“They were playing around with it,” said one Kennedy Airport official.

The screener sprayed five other TSA agents around him, sending all six to Jamaica Hospital.[...]

TSA officials scrambled to keep the embarrassing incident under wraps yesterday — until The Post began inquiring about it, a source said.


  1. I think this sums up the TSA perfectly:

    1. I like the part where the supervisor calls them back to work from break.

  2. I think that idiot, Chris Yves Dumbell, ought to be sent to DC where Senate hearing may be held to promote him to head Homeland Security! He can't be any worse than Janet Napolitano-or better either-and,as chairboob, may cause the entire foul, corrupt, and just plain loathsome apparatus to implode from its own ineptitude that much more quickly!

    One can dream, can't one?