Saturday, March 2, 2013

This Week in TSA Drama

Baghdad TSA Bob reports:

In an attempt to avoid declaring his firearms, a passenger at Houston (IAH) wrapped two guns in newspaper and placed them in a box of detergent powder in his checked baggage.

Says TSA Bob, "It’s permissible to travel with firearms in your checked baggage as long as you follow the proper guidelines. Placing firearms in a box of powdered detergent is not one of the guidelines. "

After being told he was not permitted to bring two cans of soda in his checked baggage, a Phoenix (PHX) passenger told the Officer that each soda can had a 30-second detonator inside of it. There were no detonators in the cans.

During a bag search, a Flint (FNT) traveler stated: “Be careful, there’s a bomb in my bag.”


  1. People are getting fed up and bold, I guess. I don't know if that would bring greater tyranny much faster, but I guess that attempts to overwhelm the system are one way to go.

    If charges are brought against the people who speak false threats, I will feel sympathy for them. TSA is ridiculous and should not exist. Surrounding passengers may get upset and pissed off, but the offenders did not create the system.

    This could all be solved by airlines running their own security. They could also allow all passengers, or even certain select frequent fliers to carry firearms on the plane. Of course it isn't fullproof, but nothing is.

    A plane can go down without terrorist activity. Fliers take some measure of risk at the start.

    1. Fully privatizing airport security is imperative if we want to reclaim some semblance of the 4th Amendment. Allow airlines and passengers to decide what kind and what level of security they want. Simple, elegant, and voluntary. But what would all the high school drop-outs, pedophiles, and petty thieves currently employed by the TSA do for a living?

      Of course, it would help just a tad if we did a 180 when it comes to America's stupid and self-defeating interventionist foreign policy. End the wars, close all the foreign bases, bring our troops home (all of them), and mind our own damn business. All those fanatical Muslim terrorists don't target Switzerland for a very good reason.

  2. A question. Since TSA goons are technically "Federal Law Enforcement" they are probably REQUIRED to enforce ALL federal laws they see violated. And I presume that includes my medical marijuana I'm totin' from California (legal) to the Bahamas (none of the U.S. business).
    Anybody got a ruling?