Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Who is Afraid of Sinkholes, Democrats or Republicans?

Finally, a difference between the two parties:


  1. Dems trying to pump money into the environment.

  2. Of course they are afraid of sinkholes. They are afraid of 30 round magazines so why wouldn't they be afraid of the holes in their sinks.

  3. More Republicans expect this. End times. I have a few friends who are "watchers."

  4. They largest sinkhole in history exists in DC. Why would they be concerned about a Florida pothole?

  5. Its because republicans more often realize the world is full of danger and that we must accept that about nature. Democrats and statists think they can safe proof the world.

  6. Democrats and liberals live their lives in fear and find things of which to be afraid. Hence the liberal's penchant for regulating, controlling, restricting, banning and their need for safety and security. They live their lives with the controlling belief that the world is to be feared rather than being a place over which to subdue and take dominion.

    1. Republicans and Conservatives are no different. Statism (for the ruled) is almost entirely about fear. For the masses of the ruled, their aversion to liberty is generally broken down to "I'm afraid of X, the government promises to keep me safe from X, therefore you can't be free [since the government doesn't work on a customer-by-customer basis] since I want to feel safe".

      Conservatives are afraid of cultural/moral decline (through immigration, political correctness, multiculturalism, the homosexual agenda, etc.), terrorists, imperialistic Islam, invasion through illegal immigration by the mongrel hordes, the loss of domestic manufacturing jobs (no concept of comparative advantage", to just name a few. Moral hysteria is common on both sides (won't someone think of the CHILDREN!!). I see no real difference.

  7. I go to northern Florida almost every year to enjoy the springs. There are more springs in northern Florida than anywhere on earth. In Florida, when the aquifers (which apparently are “publically” owned) are drained, sinkholes can and will result. I would assume that Democrats would be more concerned with this type of environmental issue than Republicans. Of course, Democrats could not comprehend the idea of private ownership of the aquifer in order to preserve it.

    Madison Blue Spring state park near Madison, FL. It costs $5 for the entire day:


    Private Ginnie Springs has problems with neighbors:


  8. I think it's because, I'm not sure there is an actual link, but many people believe fracking causes earthquakes and sink holes.