Monday, March 4, 2013

Why Didn't Rand Paul Think of This?

UPDATE More details on the hug:

UPDATE 2: Biden's going Barak crazy.

UPDATE 3 Rand has some serious catching up to do:


  1. Biden though seemingly dumb(and maybe he is), didn't get to where he is by not understanding the game.

    Nice prep work on his part appealing to the 51st state before his 2016 run.

    I used to be surprised how much of the population fell for his almost outrageous fakery/insincerity in rear kissing....not so much anymore.

    In the big picture I don't think the Neocon's let Rand get any where near the Presidency...I'm kinda with Raimondo on that.

    In the end, all that Rand and his cast of compromising chumps(Benton, Hunter, etc.) will get is mild recognition,a little power(not enough that changes anything) and a few more paydays.

    Hope it helps them sleep at night.

  2. with biden the only thing you need to worry about is that he's quietly taking the piss by over doing it.