Sunday, April 21, 2013

Arthur Laffer Endorses Internet Sales Tax

"This internet stuff that's tax-free, it's just not fair competition" Arthur Laffer said on CNBC's "The Kudlow Report." "We should have a level playing feel and keep all tax revenue statically revenue neutral."

Nice one, expanding sales taxes is now keeping "all tax revenue statically revenue neutral."

Be very careful about those calling for tax reform and a "fair" tax structure. It always ends up being about increased taxes. The only real tax reform should be tax cutting. End of story. Everything else is a scam to raise taxes.

The internet tax bill is called the Marketplace Fairness Act

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H. got this one right:
I think we need to rename this legislative proposal for what it is, because what it is the Internet Tax Collection Act. For those who believe that this is some kind of conservative bill, this isn't my idea of conservative. This is about forcing businesses and states like mine with no sales tax to become the tax collectors for the nation.


  1. Makes sense when you look back on the architect of the reagan economic program. When the leader capitulates so easy on taxes you can see why reagan gave in to tax increases.

  2. I absolutely agree with Arthur, and think we should send the bill to him...

  3. I hope Sen Ayotte is able to get the bill renamed.
    My personal favorite:
    "The Fugitive Tax Slave Act"

  4. Even the idea that there is no level playing field is ridiculous. When I want to buy something, I ask myself, "Do I want it today or do I want it to be cheaper and wait a week?" If I need it soon, the local retailer has an "unfair advantage". This whole fairness tax is like taxing Costco purchases at a higher rate because it is "unfair" to the local market to have such low prices. Really stupid reasoning.

    1. "Stupid" is the only currency the government has left that is worth anything...