Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bastiat is Spinning in His Grave

France's total public social welfare spending as percentage of GDP:

2013 33%
2000 30%
1990 24%
1980 21%
1970 15%
1960 12%


  1. The day of reckoning for France is coming soon enough. Much like its southern neighbors, the froggies will see widening bond spreads, interest rate hikes, and calls for bailouts.

    Imagine the specter of Germany imposing its will on France to hold the Euro together! Get the popcorn, folks. This will get very interesting.

  2. If increases follow the historical pattern, 2014 will be 6% higher than 2013 bringing spending as a percentage of GDP to 39%!

  3. If 2014 spending follows the pattern as established by this historical data, social welfare spending will increase by 6% in 2014 for a total of 39% of GDP!