Saturday, April 20, 2013

George Will Puts Stamp of Approval on Justin Amash

Earlier this week, we saw TIME put Rand Paul on the cover.

Now, George Will is out with a column just gushing over Justin "Higher Taxes Should be on the Table" Amash.

In case you haven't noticed, mainstream media is out to seriously attempt to muddle what the libertarian movemnet is all about.

Rand is far from a libertarian and George Will manages to explain that Amash became a libertarian when
He began reading Friedrich Hayek and other representatives of the Austrian school of economics[...]
Nice, Mises and Rothbard are relegated to the back of the bus as unamed  "representatives of the Austrian school."

(ht John Duncan)


  1. It seems there is no pleasing Wenzel, ever. I read the article, and every position Amash discussed he holds dead in lockstep with Ron Paul.

    Non-interventionist: check
    Government out of marriage: check
    Mr. No as a politician: check
    Constitutionalist: check
    Christian and Pro-Life: check

    I disagree that tax increases should be on the table, but if that is the only thing you've got on a guy then, as Ron Paul would say, "you are overly sensitive".

    1. Higher taxes are antithetical to libertarianism. It's not like he chose a weird position on an issue libertarians disagree on.

      Calling Wenzel "overly sensitive" over an individual putting tax increases on the table merely shows you are overly apathetic.


    2. Apathetic to a guy who initially stated, "I don't think tax increases are a good idea", yet is declared as being antithetical to libertarianism? I'm not sure libertarianism means what you think it means.

    3. The way you stated that is really strange. Is that quote a (paraphrased) quote of yourself?

      You don't think higher taxes are antithetical to libertarianism? Please elaborate.

    4. "The way you stated that is really strange."

      You're right, the statement I made wasn't easily comprehensible. Sorry about that.

      The initial quote from Amash was, "I don't think tax increases are a good idea", but there is implication that he's practically advocating the opposite.

    5. "I don't think tax increases are a good idea" is a utilitarian argument. As Rothbardians, we believe the proper libertarian argument is that taxes are theft and are the initiation of force. If Amash is putting taxes on the table though, he's 1) either willing to go against his own utilitarian arguments or 2) willing to use the government to aggress against others.

  2. He voted for the “United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012”. That’s hardly non-interventionism.

  3. Another reason why I dont trust George Will or any conservative for that matter.

    1. I agree, completely dismissing an entire segment of the population because you think they're all liars, not to mention the segment most easily influenced to our positions, is the perfect methodology for increasing libertarian converts.