Thursday, April 25, 2013

If You Have Noticed a Bunch of Attacks Against Board Members of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity....

It's probably because the War and Destruction crowd has noticed that RPI has a special section dedicated to them on the RPI web site. It's called Neocon Watch.

You would think that most second-hand dealers in ideas would welcome more focus on their, well, ideas. But not apparently the NeoCons, for them their intellectual debating style matches their policy stance: war, destruction, lies and propaganda. Discussion of ideas rather than flame throwing, not a chance from this crowd.


  1. And Chris Rossini makes the first contribution. Nice job!

  2. ...and so effectively! I noticed two drive-bys on the Daily Beats (intentional typo), one featuring Jamie Kirchick and the newsletters, yawn, one featuring a word Ron mispronounced. They are firing blanks at the boogieman that won't go down. He's obviously immortal, so Ron Paul 2016!

  3. Kirchick has plenty of his own skeletons to worry about.