Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Goldman Sachs Forecast for Gold

End 2013 $1450
End 2014 $1270

Today $1578

Goldman is doing nothing but trend following here. If Fed money printing accelerates, gold could just as well be at $3000 by end 2014 or higher.


  1. Maybe so, but I think a lot people will move from gold to stocks as the economy "improves."

    Eventually yes. Gold will fly high. I just think it could easily drop quite a bit first.


  2. Wow. Does this tripe pass for news?

  3. This is the same institution that was accepting money from the Greek government to cook the books and give them advice while at the same time shorting Greek bonds.

    As for the price of gold, I hope their short term forecast comes true. I'll be backing up the truck if it does.

  4. Bet you dollars to donuts (donuts are worth more) that G.S. is buying under the table with both hands...

  5. My immediate reaction to this news was that Goldman Sachs wants to buy more gold, and wants a cheaper price to buy it at.