Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ron Paul on Bitcoins

Ron Paul just told Sara Eisen at Bloomberg television that "Bitcoin does not fit the definition of money."

I'll post the video here, once it is up.


Video here.


  1. You are pathetic Wenzel and I'm going to keep reminding you how pathetic you are by making you continue to censor my posts. I never say anything rude or inconsiderate, just good points that you don't wanna hear. Keep taking em down. I'll keep reminding you that you are douche.

    1. With no point, you are just trolling and he is right to delete your posts.

  2. "I never say anything rude or inconsiderate"

    "I'll keep reminding you that you are douche."

    lol....I can't understand how self awareness can be so elusive at times.

    Ron Paul says Bitcoin isn't money and people go ape shit.

    If you felt confident in Bitcoin you wouldn't care to start.