Monday, April 15, 2013

Ron Paul on Rand

From the Mike Church show:

Mike: ...What do you think about the Paul name now becoming a political dynasty with Rand’s success?  I’m sure he learned a lot from his father. 
Ron Paul:  I don’t think a whole lot about it because there’s not much I can do about it.  I think my career is rather minor compared to what might be ahead for him.  He’s on his own.  Actually, we don’t even talk too much about that.  Most people think we strategize and make these plans.  He’s pretty busy and very active.  Sometimes he goes off and makes very long speeches and I don’t even visit with him very often.  No, I think he has a good career ahead of him and mine in the past has been different.  I’ll go my way this time, even though basically our goals are very much the same.


  1. Doesn't sound that Ron is making a ringing endorsement of Rand. It sounds more like he's keeping his distance. 'Our goals are the same' is pretty vague. Like one wants to make the world a better place through one world government run by banksters, and the other wants to do it through liberty.

  2. Sounds like Ron may foresee a presidential hopeful in his son!

    "I think my career is rather minor compared to what might be ahead for him."

  3. Not exactly a glowing endorsement of Rand's latest actions. I think Justin Raimando's original assessment is correct in spite of his recently change of heart.

    Rand is following the path of Milton Friedman and Ronald Reagan. He will be every bit as a disaster as they were.

    Note: Each man, Milton and Reagan, had success in the world in terms of influence and power. Rand may as well. Each man though failed to produce their goal, liberty. Rand will fail as well. Someone needs to convince Rand, "It is the ideas stupid!"

  4. Maybe Rand thinks he can convert a bunch of NeoCons to Libertarians.

    I personally think they will have to be hit upside the head by the stark 2x4 of reality, but we'll see.

  5. Well, Ron is a live and let live ind of guy -- unless you're on stage in front of national TV, that is. Even then, he does not personally attack. ... So, maybe he raised his son to be the same, and Rand is his own man, and Ron is hands-off. Who knows.