Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Serious Conspiracy Theory: The Boston Bombers, The Neo-Cons, Saudi Arabia etc.

Below is a great discussion between Alex Jones and Wayne Madsen.

It is unclear what really went down at the Boston Bombing and who might have been controlling the Tsarnaeva brothers. MSM is surely not going to inform us. I don't buy into everything Jones and Madsen say in this clip, but it is informative on a number of points and puts a different perspective on some other known facts. Healthy skepticism of the official government narrative isamust, Madsen and Jones provide it from start to finish.

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  1. Its odd but when I heard this interview I actually thought to myself "I wonder if Wenzel will throw this on his site", and lo! It is a good interview, and it should be contrasted with the Scott Horton/Phil Giraldi interview (go to scotthorton.org, its the most recent interview with Giraldi) I'm sure Horton and Giraldi have some fans here, but I really encourage people to hear for themselves how willing they are to accept to government narrative. I was frankly shocked.