Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Battle of Operating Systems

Earlier today I posted the list of browsers used by visitors to EPJ and the percentage rates of use. Nick Badalamenti asked for the same data on operating systems. Here you go:

Windows (51%)

Macintosh (18%)

iPhone (11%)

Android (8%)

iPad (5%)

Linux (3%)

Other Unix (<1%)

iPod (<1%)

BlackBerry (<1%)

BB10 (<1%)


  1. From what countries are people accessing your EPJ?

  2. Thanks Bob! You're a peach.

    I wonder what "other unix" is?

    I'll bet that EPJ, LRC, Mises, etc. get a far higher percentage outside of the Windows OS than the general population of internet sites.

    1. "Other Unix" would be mostly FreeBSD. It is quite similar to Linux, as far as laypeople are concerned.

      I don't suppose anyone browses the net from their HP-UX or Solaris workstations.

    2. I am typing this on a Google Chromebook. Maybe that is one of the "other unix" systems? Chrome OS is based on Linux, but I have also seen it classified as Unix.

  3. Oh, so close. I wanted to know how many were using Windows 8. And how many were still on 7 and XP...

    I've been using Windows 8 since the Release Preview and although Metro is poorly implemented, it works great otherwise. Even smoother and faster than Win7.

    I know you've had trouble with it, but it's working fine for me.