Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Internet-Homeland Security Power Center Revolving Door

The crony internet sector is making an important move to capture control of internet regulation. Reuters reports (my highlight):
 The second-ranking official at the Department of Homeland Security said she will resign shortly, ending four years as a champion of a civilian-controlled Internet.

In an exclusive interview with Reuters, Jane Holl Lute, the sole deputy secretary at Homeland Security, said on Monday she would give notice this week and leave to pursue a role in international Internet affairs.

Lute said that she was leaving with the department on a strong footing in Internet matters, with its central role cemented by an executive order on cybersecurity issued by President Barack Obama in February.

The order directs the civilian Department of Homeland Security to steer improvements in protections for private industry, instead of giving the lead to the military's National Security Agency.

The preeminence of Homeland Security in patrolling the Internet is a big change from when Lute arrived there

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