Monday, April 22, 2013

The Latest Lunatic Parenting Trend: Diaper-Free Baby Rearing

LOL, it's to protect the environment!

Slate reports:
This is exactly what it sounds like—parents who don’t use diapers for their newborns and instead watch their babies for signs that they want to pee or poop, and then rush to the toilet and put their babies over it.  If a toilet is not nearby, the kids can eliminate waste between parked cars, in bowls around the house, or in the park. 
It seems that many of the recent articles—the Times, the Daily Mail, and DNA Info—all stem from one Greenpoint, Brooklyn EC meetup at the eco-friendly baby and maternity store Caribou Baby. So first let’s get out of the way that this isn’t something that’s taking the country by storm. It’s something that a small group of Brooklyn moms is doing. (I would beremiss if I did not point out that one of the moms quoted is a lawyer-turned-Reiki master who gets paid to help people with their “clairaudience, clairsentience and clairvoyance.”)[...]
The moms who practice EC all say they do it because it leads to better communication with their babies and is more environmentally responsible. As Bialik puts it:
EC is a peaceful and loving way to communicate with your child and to meet their most intimate needs. Practicing EC is the ultimate ‘green’ solution: no landfills to consider, and truly minimal washing machine usage after the first months!

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  1. Well, if it's good enough for baby (and mom approved too), it's good enough for me.

    'Scuse me gotta take a crap - can you close your car door???