Saturday, April 13, 2013

This Week in TSA Drama

Baghdad TSA Bob reports in:
After being asked by a ticket agent if he had packed his own bag, a passenger at San Juan (SJU) stated: “I packed my own bag and put a bomb in it.”

A passenger at New York (JFK) stated that he had a bomb. Port Authority Police responded and interviewed the passenger who stated that he was joking.

A passenger at Norfolk (ORF) had six inert pressure plates, 50 inert initiators, an inert land mine, inert explosives, and two initiation systems in the his bag. The passenger stated he was a military instructor.

A stun gun built into a cane was discovered at Los Angeles (LAX).
And this from NyPo:
Airport officials detained a traveler who mentioned an explosive device at JFK — only to discover he was actually talking about food referred to as The Bomb, TSA sources said.

Jason Michael Cruz, 29, was on an escalator in Terminal 7 Thursday when a TSA officer overheard him tell a friend he “had the wrong kind of bomb” just after 1 p.m.

She reported the conversation to her supervisor, Robert Haddok, who sent officers to a security checkpoint to question the pair.

Officials ushered Cruz and his friend, Matthew Okumoto, to a holding area, where they learned the pair was talking about a sandwich called The Bomb, airport officials said.

Cruz told officers he was chatting about wanting to bring food on the airplane, sources said.

The TSA agent who reported the bomb comment explained that she had only caught a snippet of the conversation, and the pair was then released.

TSA officers held the pair until airport cops arrived, causing Cruz to miss his Los Angeles-bound flight.

The Bomb

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