Monday, April 15, 2013

Warning on Windows 8

Don't buy it unless you have no choice.

There is nothing intuitive about it at all. My new laptop, which I bought only two weeks ago, has been freezing up at an accelerating pace. It's so bad today that I finally had to bring it in to have it checked.

This post is being put out at a Kinko's. The repair people promise to have it ready for me at 10:00 AM Pacific Time. My posting may be a little spotty until then. Also, apologies to those who have sent emails, I probably won't get to them until late Tuesday.


  1. Thanks. My mom wants me to order a new laptop for her this week. I will look for an older one, or a MAC.

    I had high hopes for W8.

  2. They will install windows 7 free of charge in many locations because many people are having the same problem. Sorry no more info, but I remember Gary North wrote something about it too.

  3. I've had Windows computers my whole life. Windows 7 was pretty good once I put in a solid state drive. But it finally died.

    I bought a MacBook Air and I've not looked back. One of the better purchases I've ever made.

  4. Buy a mac. Microsoft hasn't done anything in the last ten years in the operating system world. Windows is complete garbage. I see Windows 8 Surface Ads all the time and have yet to see one in the wild. HA. My Dad used to have all types of problems and I made him buy a mac and now he never asks me computer questions. That being said I think Apple is getting worse and will probably be like Windows in ten years (who knows). I think Jobs told a lot of idiots, "No, that idea is retarded." And protected the company from stupid people. IMO these stupid people's ideas are slowly leeching in and Jobs isn't there to regulate the mess.

  5. The out-of-box experience for Windows 8 is bad: so many things are hidden, it's a Frankenstein of two different interfaces, and replacing the tidy start menu with the bloated and inefficient start screen was a massive blunder. That said, it's the fastest and least bloated Windows since Windows 2000 and the bad stuff can be fixed by installing something like Classic Shell, which has been around for years and is free:

    The freezing problem is likely either due to faulty hardware or a bad driver has been installed.

  6. I went straight from Windows XP to Windows 8.
    Then I installed the free add-on from, which brings back the start menu, hides the charms bar, and lets me use the Desktop interface only. I have no use for the metro/modern apps (yet).

  7. I use Linux myself, and many of my friends do too. I'd recommend finding a friendly Linux geek close to you to help you out.

    Having said that, I also have friends who use Windows 8, and it works perfectly for them. I suspect you bought faulty or low-quality hardware (can happen with big brands too).

    1. Linux is so much easier to use nowadays. Years ago I wouldn't recommend for your average Joe. But now, despite its quirks, anyone can use it. Ubuntu is my favorite, mostly because of the name but Sheldon on Big Bang said it was his favorite also. Lol.

  8. Unless you get a touch screen with the laptop it's really not worth it, also I wouldn't mess around, I'd make them replace the unit. They'll readily do it for you, although if you bought it online you'll be out of a computer for a bit.

  9. I've installed Win8 about half a year ago and I have to say I won't change it back to Win7.
    As previous user said - its fastest and least bloated Windows since Windows 2000 however if you install upgrade from Win7, you have to clean it a little. If you don't it could become less and less responsive and significantly slower.
    And I concur with diagnosis for your laptop - it seems to me as hardware or driver problem.
    I remember few years ago the best and most expensive Sony laptop available then (bought for my boss): additional software and drivers installed by default were so buggy that it took cleaning it up entirely and installing clean Win to achieve proper performance.
    So my advice: remove any software installed by manufacture.

  10. there are a number of options round that can help mitigate win8 because there are some good elements in it, which just get lost in in the hate for the interface.
    Win8 is a great OS.....on a touch screen tablet since the pc market is tanking i guess MS believed they had to jump now but counldn't be damned making two versions.

  11. I went to a new laptop and I've been using Windows 8 now for a month or so...

    I had to spend a bunch of time configuring the "desktop" tab on the start screen so it didn't flash back to the start screen interface all the time when opening PDF's, audio/video, etc.

    I even had to install a 3rd party start button on the desktop(which I operate out of, ignoring all MS's window/tablet start screen bullshit).

    So, basically-I had to spend a few hours "configuring" the desktop so it behaved like XP and ignored all the tablet oriented stuff that I never use.

    All MS did is push users like myself further away IMHO.

    I've been using the entire "google" suite anyway. I log into Chromium at home on Ubuntu which crosses over to Chrome here at work and whenever I log in all my bookmarks, etc. come over at any computer I'm G-drive where I keep my work stuff, calendar, the whole shooting match.

    So now no matter the platform(Ubuntu, Windows, Mac) I can get everything I need anywhere I go, ON ANY COMPUTER.

    Is Google a big bad monster that might compromise my privacy?

    Probably, but I keep anything I want secret/important on a large capacity USB now anyway that's also encrypted and keep my work stuff that I don't care about anyone snooping around in the whole Google suite.

    MS is blowing it, they should have retained everything in a desktop environment from the older OS's and keep the tablet crap a separate function and allow people to choose which functionality they wanted without all the BS.

  12. As the saying goes, "You can't put lipstick on a pig." Windows suffers from the decisions made nearly two decades ago on the architecture of the basic operating system. Unfortunately for Microsoft, it is cast in concrete. To change it would require scrapping the entire system - something they are unwilling and simply can not do. So they are stuck trying to do a "celebrity" makeover on their pig...

  13. Windows 9 probably won't suck, but Win 8 is a disaster. It's the every-other-release thing.

    Also, using a Mac is a very different experience. There are sooooo many different ways the keys and shortcuts work that it can be quite frustrating and Excel on Mac runs like a dog (a slow one).

  14. yes, it freezes up for no reason at all, i absolutely hate windows 8.

    they should have stuck with XP or ME. both were flawless in my opinion.

  15. I tried telling you about this months ago.

    Get something else. Almost anything is better.
    A Linux should be considered, using LibreOffice.
    PCLOS, the 'Buntus, Mac...ANYTHING! is helpful.

    RW, I really did try to help!


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  17. A Modest Proposal...

    RW, I have an idea.
    Why not allocate a small amount of $$$ to buying a "Test Laptop"? You could, f'rinstance, go to Dell and buy a guaranteed refurbished laptop or mebbe even go slumming and check out HP or...
    Talk or chat with the starving SalesGeek and make sure that Linux will load successfully and then buy it and load PCLOS or Mint or whatever. Use it and COMPARE.

    Report your work, success or not.
    I think you would be pleasantly surprised.


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