Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Tip For Those Who Plan to March Armed Into Washington DC with Adam Kokesh

Lifted from the comments, Joseph Fetz writes:
[I]f I could make one recommendation to those who do choose to partake, make sure you choose a relatively cheap gun, because you probably won't get it back.


  1. That sounds like a horrible idea. I don't think anyone will be coming back.

    (I haven't heard anything about this besides this posting... not sure I want to know.)

  2. Cameras. Bring cameras. Have people who don't have a gun bring cameras. Have people out in the trees, a couple blocks down have cameras. Everybody have cameras.

    I can see it already. The only people who took aggressive action were the cops. Which, out of not trusting government, make sure that you have some sort of head count or roll call or some kind of accountability to make sure there's no trouble makers.

  3. Kokesh said that if his group is told to turn back at the border by the cops, he will. People tend to think the worst but that rarely happens. This is much ado about nothing except the publicity is great. Its exposing the violation of constitutional rights to the nation and the world.

  4. Better yet, carry a firearm that is cheap and has had the action welded so as not be be a functioning firearm while having the appearance of one.

  5. This could turn out very badly. One agent provocateur in the marcher's ranks could create exactly the kind of violent exchange the Fedcoats are spoiling to have.