Friday, May 24, 2013

Billy Joel's Advice on How to Sell a House for Top Dollar, to Pay Your Back Taxes

During an interview with NYT mag, Billy Joel explains what happened to him after he discovered his financial advisor screwed him:
 I owed Uncle Sam a couple of million bucks in income tax, and the money that I thought was there, wasn’t there. I had to sell a place in the city. I was building a house out here in the Hamptons, and I owned a place on Central Park West. I sold it to Sting. I was praying for a rock star. They don’t care what their accountant says. If they want something, they buy it. Then I sold the house that I was building to Seinfeld. I keep exchanging star homes. I bought Roy Scheider’s house. Mickey Drexler bought my old place in Martha’s Vineyard. I’m the Realtor to the stars.

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