Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bitcoin Dealer Mt Gox Changes Policy: Will Require All Account Users Be Verified

There goes another piece of Bitcoin anonymity.

The major Bitcoin dealer, Mt Gox, has just announced:
Beginning May 30, 2013, all Mt. Gox user accounts are required to be verified, in order to perform any currency deposits and withdrawal.
The Bitcoin market continues to evolve, as do regulations and conditions of compliance for Mt. Gox, to continue bringing secure services to our customers. It our responsibility to provide a trusted and legal exchange, and that includes making sure we are operating within strict anti-money laundering rules, and preventing other malicious activity.
The US government, earlier this month, seized the US-based bank accounts of Mt Gox, saying it had not propery registered as a money services company. The latest announcement the Bitcoin dealer is likely an attempt by Mt Gox to get back in the good graces of USG.

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