Monday, May 20, 2013

Did Caroline Kennedy Just Practice a Bit of Jury Nullification?

JFK's daughter Caroline Kennedy and her fellow jurors took just over an hour today to acquit a Harlem man of charges that he sold four "nickel bag" crack rocks at $5 each to an undercover officer near Harlem River Park, reports NyPo.

NyPo went on:
Violent predicate felon Nelson Chatman, 31, smiled big as the jury foreman rendered the not guilty verdict in the circumstantial case after just 75 minutes of deliberations. 
And Kennedy, 55, also smiled, slightly and politely, as the jurors were individually asked by a clerk, "Is that your verdict?"
"Yes," Kennedy said when it was her turn, nodding[...] 
The good news for Chatman, a veteran drug dealer and thief, is that he has now dodged a mandatory minimum prison sentence of six years on the single charge against him, felony criminal sale of a controlled substance.[...]Chatman has served at least six years prison on prior drug sales and attempted robbery convictions.
It's not clear if Caroline thought Chatman was innocent (the case was shaky) or practiced a bit of jury nullification, but it is good to see that she is not afraid to over rule the state and not willing to support it blindly.

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  1. What difference does it make that Chatman has a violent history and a criminal past. Of course its wrong to judge Chatman based on his criminal "profile" but its OK to prejudge innocent tax paying American citizens and subject them to TSA rectal exams while criminals stream freely across our boarders or are set free by ICE and our liberal courts.