Tuesday, May 14, 2013

German Chancellor Merkel Responds to Charge She Was "Responsible for Brainwashing in the Favour of Marxism"

A new book is out that claims current German Chancellor Angela Merkel, while living in the 1980's in then East Germany, was a physicist and also member of the communist youth organisation “Freie Deutsche Jugend” at the Academy of Sciences in Eastern Berlin and was in charge of “agitation and propaganda”, the journalists Ralf Georg Reuth and Günther Lachmann claim in their book, The First Life of Angela M.

“She was responsible for brainwashing in the favour of Marxism”, Günther Krause, a former minister and ally from the chancellor’s Christian Democrats, says in the book, reports FT.

FT has also reported on her response:
“I never concealed anything”, she said at a Berlin cinema on Sunday night.[...]
Ms Merkel admitted that she was not only a member of the FDJ but also of the workers’ union and the German-Soviet friendship society, both organisations with strong ties to the ruling Communist party.
“Nobody ever asked that question before,” she said.
If she could do that kind of work for the commies, one wonders what kind of work she is doing for the banksters.


  1. "If she could do that kind of work for the commies, one wonders what kind of work she is doing for the banksters."

    You repeat yourself. Banksters funded the communist. Referencve: Anthony Sutton.

    Trotsky was sent from Manhattan to cross Europe with a train of gold. FDR and Churchill were good buddies with Stalin. Patton was assasinated. David Rockefeller had nothing but praise for Mao and his noble experiments. Kissinger and Brezinski had no problem with helping Pol Pot rise to power.(read Brez's comments in "Grand Chessboard".

    The behavior has been consistent for over a century. No surprise here.

  2. You can't really be surprised that the US government funds Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood now...the only difference between the cold war shennanigans and now is that the internet has help awaken 1 or 2% of the population. It must have been really tough on the 1/10 of a percent of the awake population in the 1950's especially since they had to watch the co-opted JBS.

  3. We know which party she'll join when the Fourth Reich rises over there.