Monday, May 20, 2013

INTERVIEW: Ron Paul's Revolution Continues

By Kevin Kelly

Since leaving the House of Representatives, former 12-term representative and presidential candidate Ron Paul has not slowed down. He has released a new educational curriculum for homeschoolers, opened a new Institute that focuses exclusively on foreign policy, and continues to speak across the country at college campuses to students eager to hear his philosophy of liberty.

Kevin Kelly: Discuss your homeschooling curriculum and undertakings. Why is homeschooling important to you?
Ron Paul: I have always supported the right of individuals to “opt-out” of the government education system. Our public education system is failing, and homeschooling is one of many options for parents to have more control over their children’s education. My homeschool curriculum emphasizes individual liberty and responsibility, ideas that are often lost in traditional public schools.

Kelly: You recently announced the opening of a new Institute that deals exclusively with foreign policy. Why have you decided to undertake a project like that?

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