Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jamie Dimon's Daughter On What Really Happens In The Women's Bathroom

Emily Peck writes:
Allegedly we're all desperately afraid to poop in the ladies' room.

That's the point of a real story published by the Daily Beast and written by Laura Dimon, who claims that the ladies' room is where female anxieties about our bodies become most acute. The bathroom at work is, according to this story, a place working women try to enter alone and do their shameful lady business without anyone ever knowing.

Dimon -- the daughter of one of the world's most shameless bankers -- never acknowledges that men could possibly have anxiety in the bathroom (I mean side-by-side urinal peeing with your boss can't always be fun).

 But her story is absurd for more reasons than is reasonable to enumerate.

Most bothersome is that it completely obscures what really happens in the women's room at work. For many of us, the ladies' room is kind of a great place to bond. At a business made up primarily of men, you're often going to find your female allies in the john. And you may be more open to chit-chatting with your colleagues when you're reapplying lipstick or (horror!) using the feminine products machine.

It's a point made memorably in a piece for the Wall Street Journal from 2008 written by Carol Hymowitz, who notes that "ladies' room banter is an endless source of wisdom and comfort."

I met one of my closest friends in the ladies' bathroom[...] Read the rest here.
Ladies, really the most exciting thing going on in the men's room is a guy peeing using one hand and occasionally talking on the cell phone with his other hand. And, oh yeah, in some restaurants they stick the sports pages above the urinal so we can keep up with the sports news, while we pee.

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  1. I don't think some guys even use a hand to pee. There is too much urine on the floor below the urinals for that.

    Oh and for solid waste, what about courtesy flushing? That certainly doesn't happen.

    Bathroom etiquette for men. Two simple steps: Don't drip and don't let the drop linger once it hits the bowl.