Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lucy is Right: Insurance Should Be a Nickel

By Mark Thornton

MetLife has an ad featuring the famous comic strip character Lucy van Pelt of Peanuts. MetLife is promoting its life insurance product “for as low as $14 a month.” The bad-tempered bully Lucy responds indigently that, “It should be five cents.”

The line is based on her famous psychiatric booth where she would say “5 cents please” for anyone seeking her advice. She most passionately expressed her love for nickels in the A Charlie Brown Christmas television special:
Boy what a sound. How I love hearing that old money clank. That beautiful sound of cold, hard cash. That beautiful, beautiful sound, nickels, nickels, nickels. That beautiful sound of clinking nickels.

But to understand her affection for the coin you have to remember that her career started when we were on the gold standard.

Most viewers will see this as just another silly little ad by MetLife. However, properly understood this should be seen as a scientific pronouncement of the highest quality.

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