Monday, May 27, 2013

Mapping Bitcoin's Global Adoption

Zero Hedge has published a study on Bitcoin adoption. I found these two charts from the study most interesting:

Bitcoin Software Downloads

Writes ZH:

We began by looking at which countries had the most downloads of bitcoin software and then calculated the trends over time and within context of a number of other factors. Worth noting: while this likely serves as a reasonable proxy, it is not inclusive of all bitcoin users, as hosted wallets, thin wallets and holdings at exchanges would not be reflected here.

Countries listed in order of cumulative downloads

The United States is the clear frontrunner in terms of total number of downloads

Click for larger view.

Bitcoin-Oriented Meetups 

As a proxy to determine the propensity for a region to bring the bitcoin movement offline, we looked at the number of people participating in bitcoin-oriented meetup.

Breaking down offline bitcoin interest in the US, San Francisco and New York City remain the clear leaders, with a strong showing from Chicago and Seattle, the latter of which is home to CoinLab, the first VC-backed bitcoin startup in the US.

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