Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Pope Condemns 'Egoistic' Profit in the Name of Social Justice

Bloomberg news reports:
Pope Francis urged the unemployed “not to lose hope” amid record joblessness in the euro area as hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated across Europe against austerity and for workers’ rights.

“I think about those who are unemployed often because of an economic conception of society that seeks egoistic profit regardless of social justice,” the pope told a crowd in St. Peter’s Square for a May Day audience.
Someone needs to point out to the Pope that it is government regulations (starting with minimum wage laws) which prevent businessmen from hiring labor at a profitable wage that is the problem, not "egoistic profit" creating unemployment. Businessmen don't gain because of unemployment.

(Via TakingHayekSeriuosly)


  1. Is it me or is their a consistent theme among religious leaders that they are very ignorant when it comes to economics?

    1. Yes, it's true. At least the religious leaders on the national (bloviated) level. These "egotistical" (ironically) leaders spew out there rhetoric any which way to subdue the masses into worshiping the state, making it harder for the local leaders to actually lead their flock. That is, while the local religious leader has to deal with all the problems of the local communities, people's problems, and to do this with minimal funding, and state and federal laws, the "look-at-me" leaders intrude into the local leader's practice by telling people what sin is (disobeying the state and thinking for yourself)or how things should be, though it may not fit the reality of the local economy or economics, itself, or even the law.

      Because these national leaders have made it big, they must know what they're talking about, right? So, the local leader's flock is distracted by the national leaders and away from reality. All the while the national egotists make gobs of money and gaining fame recognition. The national charlatans (such as the pope, Billy Graham and son, John MacArthur, and many others) have no idea what the local leaders have to do; they don't have their problems, yet they don't mind invading by bloviating. It's just another interventionist front on the war against freedom and independent people.

      As you pointed out, they like to keep economics and religion separated. It's as if they do this with a purpose, more than just for religious reasons. I grew up in a church, myself. However, nothing woke me up more than studying economics from people like Mr. Wenzel and T. Woods. Once I saw the reality from unhindered economics, I couldn't help but see that the national religious leaders that I once admired to be nothing but cons being used by somebody else. Numbers and the market don't lie. Good news is that many young Christian people (20 year olds and younger) are learning the same thing, and starting to ignore the snake oil and think for themselves.

  2. I don't like it when men who live in castles give me crap for saving the difference of what I make and spend.

  3. Another clear example (of which there have been many) that the charism of papal infallibility does not extend to economics. He really needs to read Tom Woods' books.